Hi Friends! I am an adoptive mom and entrepreneur raising my four year old in Providence, RI. We are a design-focused family, so early on I was searching for ways to heighten and glam up parties and home spaces. I spent two years designing, perfecting and making a prototype that would be good enough to sell. Most evenings, early mornings and weekends you can find me working hard to build this brand up. I am showing my daughter she can do whatever she wants with vision, focus and hard work.

When you buy a chandelier from us, you are helping support our small business and my daughter's future. Made and designed with love, we know you will love it! We make fans as soon as they hang the chandeliers up and we strive to make your space, party or event colorful, fun and glamorous!

Hey Girl Decor is a modern decor company founded in 2014. It started as an idea to create an easy, chic chandelier without lights. The idea of making a chandelier and then flipping it on it’s head and redefining it was so much fun! What makes our acrylic chandeliers unique and one-of-a-kind is the design. We pair modern, chic designs with bright colors and crystals. Acrylic is such a fun medium to work with! It’s luminescent and bold. With freedom from lights, the chandeliers can be hung anywhere you can position a hook or wire. Acrylic can work both inside or out — which frees up your creativity.