This holiday season is brighter now that Lulu is 3. Rudolph, Elf on a Shelf, Santa — all seen again through her eyes is making everything fun again. Her innocence and affection for it all is making me fall in love with Christmas again.

I am also falling in love with my brand rep's styled shoots using our chandeliers. Styling them in creative and colorful ways has been a wonderful way for me to see them as a voyeur, instead of as an owner.  Jamie of Five Whimsy Lane designed a Merry Grinchmas party with our Hot Pink Chandelier. So creative and so much fun. I can visualize the Grinch coming to life. Have a peek down below.

Have you seen my crowdfunding video? I've been planning this since March 2017. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It's tough, rough and not for the faint-hearted. It's a marathon of small steps every day until bigger steps are needed. I am in the bigger steps arena now. It's crucial make or break year to grow this company beyond its current confines. We are offering a ton of cool new products as gift donations and a new cool one this coming week, that will really be awesome. 

Link to campaign is here: I Fund Women Nicole Ketchum Campaign

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