This Spring we decorated and accessorized our bar cart with happy colors, cake and a glamorous chandelier! 

Tip 1: We bought some easy, inexpensive garland (fyi if you tape them, which we did, it will not ruin your walls!), tucked in some rose in our pink champagne bucket and broke out the mini light box. We love our mini light box because it's a small decorative element that really enhances a space. Words carry impact, so why not use it for positive thoughts with the seasons?


Tip 2: Big impact for low cost: a jar full of fake flowers. They work well without giving off that fake flower feel. I like to put them on the floor to accent my bar cart, or in a corner, unexpectedly. Did you see the hints of 2018 Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet, through out? I always feel like purple, pink and turquoise are welcoming colors for Spring and they transition well into Summer. I enjoy pairing bold bright colors, with pastels too. Don't be afraid of color. Embrace it, and watch how it opens up your home and life. 


Tip 3: I like buying fun melamine plates throughout the year, and then saving them for fun table settings. One of my favorite things currently are agate plate toppers. And that purple and gold! Pair stripes with florals for a fun punch on your table. You can grab these personalized, calligraphy agate toppers in ETSY or on Instagram. 


Tip 4: involve your kids. My daughter is 3, and she loves helping me plan parties and styled shoots with our chandeliers. She is invested in picking out colors and has big opinions already on how things should look. She insisted on this crown and I was happy to oblige. Once your party is over, kid proof your bar cart and bring in some elements that allow them to use it too: kid snacks, a crown, some silly photo accessories like mustaches and masks. 

Lulu Ketchum.jpg

Tip 5: Cake, and then more cake. Did I say cake? Clearly I have a cake problem, but it is such an easy way to dress up a bar cart quickly for guests, a kid party or to celebrate Spring! I like getting pre-made cakes (because I have no time or baking skills!) and then I put fun little toppers on them! Hello purple glitter egg! Nothing says Spring like eggs. I really love how versatile they are in decorating. 


Tip 6: Have fun! Sometimes I think parties can seem daunting to plan or design, but it doesn't have to be. Just pick a color or a spectrum of complimentary colors, and accessorize. Pick one meal to gather everyone around. With Spring, anything is possible!

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