Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Five Whimsy Lane to send her one of our fun Octopus Chandeliers. She was planning a birthday party for her daughter. Her attention to detail and gorgeous photography took my breath away. She presented our Octopus Chandelier in such a lovely way that it’s become a signature photography piece for us.

The soft pastel balloon garland, Octopus Chandelier, beautiful dessert table complete with starfish pulls, is so dreamy. It always elicits wows when people see it. Look at those mermaid tail cupcakes! To make your own Mermaid Birthday Party you will need:

  1. Balloons . I’ve linked a read on how to make balloon garlands here.

  2. You can find soft pastel latex balloons on ETSY or any other party shop

  3. Mermaid Inspired Plates, napkins and straws

  4. Cake (find someone in your town that wants to experiment with making an artistic ocean inspired cake. Or ask your local grocery store for an extra touch on decorating

  5. Cupcake fins can be found here. There are tons of options.

  6. Turquoise Octopus Chandelier: click here to go to our shop. Did you sign up for our newsletter? We give $10 off toward your first order when you do!

  7. Extra details you can find in antique stores, Hobby Lobby, Target, Dollar Store or Party City. Really it is endless, just depends on your budget etc.

  8. Use a camera to take great shots. No offense to the phone, but to get that really great shots, you need a good camera or invest in a photographer.

Turquoise Octopus Web Size-77.jpg
Party Mermaid Web Size-90.jpg
Party 2 Web Size-88.jpg
Close Up Web Size-35.jpg
Cookie Web Size-124.jpg
Birthday Girl Web Size-193.jpg
Fun Balloons Web Size-2.jpg
Octopus Web Size-79.jpg
Mermaid Web Size-39.jpg

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