One of the things I love most about our chandeliers, is their versatility. We just got in our new favorite limited edition gold acrylic chandeliers, along with a reorder of our bestseller in White acrylic. I’m pretty obsessed with all things home decor and styling. Currently working hard on crafting a life and company that evolves around all things decor.

With our easy set up and take down (DIY home decor), we recently had a party where we broke out the disco balls and gold chandelier for a little gold glam shindig. Let me brag a bit about our gold chandelier for a minutes:

  1. It’s gold acrylic both sides and custom made

  2. There is nothing, not one thing, that is on the market today like this gold chandelier. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that is a limited edition.

  3. It goes anywhere and is perfect for any party or space

  4. It shimmers and creates rainbows when sun hits it

  5. It is just gorgeous in person

Gold 3.jpg
Gold 4.jpg
Gold 2.jpg

Now for our White Acrylic Fancy Chandelier. This is our best seller and one that everyone needs for decorating a party or space. it creates a lot of impact without being an overpowering color. It’s clean, modern and chic. We have fun changing out our crystal colors too. Switching out the clear for a colored crystal heightens your party or space to match the decor or theme.

Where would you use our chandeliers? Send me an email and you’ll be entered in to win a chandelier with free shipping! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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