We designed our chandeliers to be kid friendly. Perfect as decor accessories for kid’s parties and nursery, bedroom, playroom or bathroom decor — our Fancy and Octopus Chandeliers strive to hit all angles. Wait until you see our NEW Heart Chandelier, coming later this year!

The Fancy Chandelier works so well in kid decor because it has no lights and weighs so little: 3 pounds. This frees you up to put the chandelier up anywhere. It adds just the right amount of pop, modern touch and whimsy needed for little ones. The Octopus is whimsical, fun and comes in two bright colors: yellow and turquoise.

Take a look at all the fun ways we use the chandeliers are modern kid’s decor. Just use a s command hook in ceiling (at any home store) and some fishing wire or chandelier chains. Then viola…perfect kid’s decor for you little ones. Who says decor can’t be fun and modern? Sign up for 15% your first order here!

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