This career I have had since leaving on my own in 2008 to start freelancing and eventually starting this company — have been pinch me after pinch me moments. I am so proud of myself and my dreams because even when things seemed dire or had stopped — they moved, evolved and got better!

One pinch me moment has been interviewing for Blogger Genius Podcast by Jillian of Catch My Party and MiloTree. She is a wonderful, smart and kind entrepreneur and she recently talked with me about building a product-based business. I realized as I was going through this podcast recording, that I did indeed know a lot and had a lot of wisdom to impart. My other dream — to help women in their careers — was manifesting before my eyes through my business.

Listen, I might live in the clouds most of the time. I believe in focus and in writing down goals and dreams, all the time. I believe the only things that can stop you truly — are fear and doubt. You can achieve the impossible, build your dreams, one by one by one by taking the steps. I went to school for English at Syracuse University. My professors were all published famous authors. I wanted to write and hell I still do. There is a novel in there still. But design crowded my heart out. It kept me awake at night. It made me lose track of time (a real thing if you are following your dream of what makes you happy). So I built a company and a product with no formal design experience other than graphic design. You can do this too.

Click below to listen or read about my journey of ir you want to know how to build a business with a product.

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