One of our amazing brand reps, Five Whimsy Lane, just created a styled shoot with our Luxe Gold Fancy Chandelier . In the shoot, she shows how to use our chandelier as a centerpiece and create a Princess Pancake Party (pinks and purples) around that for a kid’s birthday party.

I love the idea of using pancakes as the driving force behind a party idea for kids. Throw on some princess dresses, use bright colors like pink, purple, turquoise, add some cupcakes and our gorgeous NEW Luxe Gold Fancy Acrylic Chandelier. It’s a fun and unique idea for girls and boys and you know kids will eat pancakes ANY time of day. Crate a mimosa station for adults, and a juice station for kids — and viola a perfect kid’s party any time of year!

What you will need:

  • Chandelier

  • party flatware and accessories: @replayrecycled

  • 2 tables: one for kids and one for food and juice

  • cake topper for pancake tower

  • pancakes: gluten free, paleo and or regular (add some whip cream and sprinkles)

  • cupcakes

  • floral centerpiece

  • princess wands as giveaway gifts

  • gift bags: (pancake mix, tiaras and confetti)

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