Recently Townley Girl and I talked about doing a collaboration together. Our products are perfect fits for the little girl market! We asked our sweet daughter Lulu to be the Disney Princess Model and she happily obliged (as she owns nearly all disney princess dress up clothes!). Townley sent us Disney Princess Spa pampering products like clear lip gloss in fun flavors, easy kiddo nail polish, mirrors, brushes and a perfect pink crown. We had Lulu test out all the products and we shot a fun table with all the products, cake and some princess accessories.

To recreate this party:

  1. Order accessories at Townley Girl

  2. Grab one of our chandeliers (discount 15% when you sign up for our newsletter!)

  3. Find bright and colorful paper plates like I did (at party city, target, online)

  4. Fun plastic pink gems at Party City

  5. We used our Disney Princess Castle Lulu owns as a fun backdrop for her spa party

  6. Grab a cheap cake at the grocery store and decorate it with edible crowns

  7. Have fun!

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