It’s so easy to decorate a nursery or tween/teen bedroom today. With a few modern touches, a color scheme — you can pull together a chic look without spending a lot. I like to rummage through Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Flea Markets, Estate Sales, and small shops to attain that vision you have.

One final touch is our acrylic chandeliers. We give you the chandelier, s hooks, crystal. All you need is a small ceiling hook (white to match the ceiling so it disappears) to hang the chandelier. With fishing wire to make it appear to float or to glam it up with some chandelier chains — it completes the modern design look.

Consider using the chandelier as a magical focal point, If you get one of our colored ones: turquoise or white, use that as part of the overall color scheme in the room. See how the wallpaper ties the chandelier in and vice versa. Or like the gold above, it is the central focal point in which the decor revolves around it. Either way — a dynamic and modern approach to nursery and bedroom decor.

nicole ketchumComment