With Halloween coming up and my self-professed love of anything Kate Spade related, I decided to collaborate with Acrylic Sticks, an acrylic drink stir company and throw a little bar cart styling action to a corner of my home. When stying a cart in Kate Spade fashion, keep color in mind, Stick with black and white with pops of pink. I always think of Audrey Hepburn when I think of Kate Spade and it’s a classic, modern feel that is evoked. I also included this fun and super modern wallpaper that is flirty, loud and fun. Who says you can’t throw up a removable wallpaper to create a a theme. The White Fancy Acrylic Chandelier with the fun little chandelier acrylic stirs is a great way to tie in to modern decor pieces into a quick bar cart party.

nicole ketchumComment